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Reasons why Trevor Gumbi's kids don't speak Zulu opinion

Trevor Gumbi one of the decorated comedians if you like his work be it acting and stand up comedy, his a favorite. I love his acting his interesting and a funny actor.

He has two sons Jamie and Jodie i mean those names honestly give you a direction of the kind of parents they are, which is they will make their kids white irrespective of how they look, no offense intended.

The drug recoverd comedian has since divorce his baby mama. Now has remarried and staying clean from drugs

He comes from a tribe that is proud of its culture, however it seems like he would rather be white than what he is. It is a disgrace seeing black people who could barely greet in their Mother tongue. Just because your children attend private schools it doesn't mean children must forget who they are in the process.

Here's what the future looks like for every South African the will come a time where language will be completely forgotten, and guess who will teach you your language let me help you it will be the Caucasians.

We are seeing a huge number of white people speaking fluent Zulu, Tswana, Pedi, Venda, Xhosa, Sesotho while some people might find it cute to hear white people speaking your native language they will teach it to you. Meanwhile you sound like the Queen Elizabeth.

When you see a gap you grab it.

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