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Mzansi Is Not Happy After This Man Dumped "Phuza Gogo" In #Sengkhathele Because Of This Reasons

Mzansi Is Not Happy After This Man Dumped "Phuza Gogo" In #Sengkhathele Because Of This Reasons

Source: Hashtag #SengKhathele twitter page and Dstv Mzansi Magic Channel 161 latest episode

"Phuza Gogo" episode hasn't even started and it's already the best episode of the season. Do you remember "Phuza Gogo" who were once trending in social media after she was seen dancing on top of a roof with a bottle on her head? The granny just got dumped today in #Sengkhathele by bra T who truly love her. You can tell that man truly loves her. Seeing those tears just broke my heart.

Bra T wrote to #Sengkhathele because he was tired of her drinking at night and never come home and come home late sometimes. Mzansi have reacted on Bra T saying that he must be ashamed of himself for dumbing a celebrity on national TV. Tweets are saying that Bra T shouldn't have ended the relationship on tv. I literally saw pain written all over her face after Bra T left. 

Ladies alcohol is bad, look at Maria. I can't believe she's 48yrs old. She was born in 1954 but she looks older than Bra T who was born in 1971 and his just 51 years old.

I actually find it crazy how while we're casually enjoying alcohol reasonably they're people out here who're genuinely struggling with alcohol. Maria needs rehabilitation. That's it, she needs professional emotional help. And this guy is abusive. Period! Our social issues and toxic family situations lead to such. Alcoholism is truly a pandemic in our country. People literally start drinking from morning. There are so many Maria out there, resorting to alcohol as a coping mechanism to forget their daily lives struggles. I hate poverty with everything in me. 

Those who have power and resource please assist Mme Maria who came to #Sengkhathele show. Both actually need help. Both require psychological help. Those closing remarks by Lerato regarding social media were very deep. Not everything should end up on social media. Lerato Mvelase is saying people should not take their problems to social media, considering that her show strives on discussing couple's private problems on national television.

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