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Xoli Mazibuko Quit music After Saying Black Motion star Murdah Bongz Abused Her

Mixed reaction social media user where left after south African artist Xoli Mazibuko quit music after accusing Murdah Bongz of abusing her.

The songstress said that she is quite music becuase she had been abused by block motion star.

Black motion star Murdah Bongz made her life a living hell in the art industry.

That is how the art industry is,it will swallow your soul and burry your existence.

Within South Africa art industry the are lot of Anger and emotional war between South African artists.

South Africa art industry is surrounded by parasites like volture waiting to seek you dry for their succeas ,Artist use each other to achieve their goal.

But what doesn't add up is most women wait and only report hamr done to them at a later stage,Reporting crime in this way doesn't usually make a solide case, but end up breaking the reputation of the Acused,Sjava and lady Zamar are a good example.

Reacting to Xoli Mazibuko accussion Media users responded by saying .

"Now I start to believe that every woman in this world was abused. Men are at risk of lossing everything just by the word "abuse". Guys the world is against men,men will always pay with their soul because of a woman .

Man should stay away from unstable woman ones they feel the hungry they will do anything feed themselves with trends even if it takes to put man behind bars.

South african ladies are not at peace they have the strongest hatred towards succeafull man.

When they see their ex doing better than them They come up with stories like abuse,rape.

Obviously South African law is articulated to discrete and over throw man .none of the majority of rape cases men have ever won.

Although Xoli Mazibuko didnt articulate further details on the Abuse .But abuse accussions are not taken litely in south Africa ,soon the will be a court case after Murdah Bongz,The same way Sjava was slammed with rape accussion.

south Africa Art industry is a cruel jungle only fittest survive the industry.for it is full of explotation.

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