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Is She On Drugs? SEE What Babes Wodumo Did While She's On Police Van. A Total DISBELIEF.


One of the top South African artists makes a giant spark on social media after her video has posted screaming for help while she was inside a police van. Some people are saying that that artist might be on drugs or some because there's no way you can scream for help while you are with people that are hired to help you. That's why it is more important to make sure that you don't use any drug or using alcohol too much because you might end up in places where you have never thought of and that will be bad.

It has been said that this artist doesn't want to see herself going a year or a month without doing anything that will make people laugh. People are wondering that how is all of that happening because the lady is married to one of the top South African artist as well. This is a hundred percent showing that some people are not really respecting their relationships, that's why you find them doing things that can let their partners dump them. They've been a story that have been taking people attention on social media, that last time when she was drunk her boyfriend made sure that he beat the hell out of her.

It looks like the ladies used to what she is doing because there's no way you can keep on repeating a thing that you don't even lie. People are suggesting that her boyfriend should just go away from her because it looks like she wants to avoid changing anything about her life. That's why, when we were young, we were told that a kudu doesn't throw away its manners. There are some people who said that the lady is just seeking attention because she's screaming for help, well, she's with the hell.

A lady got captured out of the police van screaming for help but when people ask her why she did all of that she replied by saying I was not screaming for help we were shooting a music video. So many people are reacting to the video because they know that she's lying and that's what she's always doing when she realises that she made a mistake and on social media. The name of the artist is Babes Wodumo the one that dates with Mampintsha from BigNuz crew.

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