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Latest News| It is going to take Rea 30 years to fully pay Bonang R300 000

How much will he pay her per month?


Sources: Bonang Matheba Twitter page

He crossed the line very badly this time and he di not see Bonang coming. Rea has a debt of R300 000 just because he said Bonang is using drugs. Bonang opened a case against him and she won. Rea is a University student and a part time podcaster. Rea was supposed to pay half a million but Bonang decided to reduce the amount to R300 000. It is still a lot for someone young like Rea who is currently do not have a source of income.

Bonang says that Rea will have 30 years of his life paying her for defamation of character. Rea took a very risky measure to go head to head with Bonang in court. Bonang is a celebrity and she has a lot of money, she had a good chance of winning this case. This is definitely a lesson to be learn by many people who speak very bad things about the celebrities. Fans have tried to calculate on how much will Rea be paying per month. This is going to be the longest debt for Rea just because of wanting many likes and views on Youtube.

South Africans are left divided through this matter, some are saying that Bonang did the right thing and some are saying that she took it too far. All these people do not know how it is like for someone to speak things about you which are not true, because you will forever be known for those things even if it is not true. It is better that she was able to deal with this matter fast. Rea will need a job that pays very well in order to pay his huge debt to Bonang.

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