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Are Psyfo and Aamirah Mira getting a Nigerian citizenship?

Retired actor and TV presenter Psyfo as per bio on Instagram and his partner Aamirah recently celebrated their 3 years anniversary. Congratulations to that. The couple made headlines in 2017 when people were shocked that Psyfo and Hulisani were no longer together after dating for 10 years and having two kids together.

Anyway these lovebirds have been living in Lagos Nigeria most of the time for the past couple of years. It looks like they are well taken care of there. This could be because Nigerian entertainment industry is much bigger and it pays more.

According to Pysfo aka Sidwell Ngwenya’s profile on Instagram he is a proud music and television producer which make sense why he would want to move to Nigeria where everything is big. Nigeria has produced some of the biggest shows and artist in Africa.

As for getting a Nigerian citizenships, I don’t think they would go that far considering that half of Nigerians prefer SA, but that is not a bad idea at all. Nigeria is beautiful and they don’t have winter there. Not to mention the variety of food choices they have such yams, gari , semo , plantain etc while were are stuck with just rice , samp and pap! 😂

anyway they are really enjoying it there it seems. We wish them well, Nigerians are some of the happiest people in the world if you removed the bad guys in Pretoria.

Content created and supplied by: Qamelihle (via Opera News )

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