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Masechaba Khumalo says Jub Jub also raped her

When it rains, it pours and things are only getting worse for Jub Jub. Another victim has come forward with allegations of her being raped by the TV presenter.


Spokesperson for the Minister of Arts & Culture Masechaba Khumalo has come out with allegations of rape against Molemo Maarohanye, affectionately known as Jub Jub. The revelation comes after TV actress Amanda Du Pont claimed that she got raped by Jub Jub the entire 2 years they were together. She writes “I believe Amanda Du Pont. Jub Jub raped me too. It happened in Mama Jakie's house in Naturena. He was my boyfriend. I was a teenager. I was a virgin.”

Jub Jub went onto the Podcast and Chill network to tarnish his ex-girlfriend’s image of being an unfair mother who doesn't allow him visitation rights and alleges she is using muthi. Things have taken a complete 180 and Jub Jub now finds himself in the hot seat. He mentioned in the interview that his best moments were before he got incarcerated, where he would party up a storm, use drugs and “smash girls”. Now his past is coming back to haunt him as many of his victims are coming out of the woodwork. The latest victim is renowned TV and radio presenter Masechaba Khumalo.

I think Jub Jub has dug himself such a big hole that he will struggle to get himself out of. Such allegations won't be taken lightly and after having resurrected his career, it looks like he will be canceled quickly by social media. His narcissistic ways and rudeness has been the last straw and many people believe he needs to go back to jail to serve more time. He clearly hasn't learned from the past and needs to face the music.

Is this the end of Jub Jub?

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