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Who Is DJ Sbu’s Wife or Does He Have a Girlfriend? See here

Who Is <a class=DJ Sbu’s Wife or Does He Have a Girlfriend?"/>DJ Sbu is not in a relationship at the present time; however, he was formerly wed to Disebo Makatsa. However, their engagement was broken off after it was discovered that Makatsa had been having sexual relations with another guy. Since that time, DJ Sbu has not proposed marriage to anybody else or taken a partner through the wedding ceremony with anyone else.

DJ Sbu, whose real name is Sbusiso Leope, is widely regarded as one of the most successful performers in South Africa. Since the late 1990s, when he first started his career at a radio station, he has been a prominent figure in the media. He currently has more than five active revenue streams, which positions him as one of the wealthiest artists in the country.

Who Has DJ Sbu Dated?

Mr. Leope's name has been mentioned in connection with three different women in the past. After his relationship with Disebo Makatsa, he had a relationship with a South African celebrity with a prominent public presence. His first recorded romance was with Makatsa. The celebrity DJ was asked about the rumor that the third woman was a student, but he categorically denied having any relationship with her.

Let's get more information on these ladies, shall we?

1. Terry Pheto

DJ Sbu is rumored to have had his first serious relationship with the South African actress Terry Pheto. There is no mention of how or where they became acquainted with one another. Despite this, in 2009, their relationship was brought to the attention of the public.

Sadly, in 2011, one year after they had first fallen in love with each other, that love began to wane. The famous actress is said to have stopped her connection with the well-known musician because of his 'bad publicity,' which is said to have damaged the actress's L'Oreal ambassadorship. This is according to various publications.

Pheto disputed that the reason she broke up with her lover was because of the unfavorable press in an interview with Anele in 2016. She said that she and the DJ are still friends, and that she still admires him, despite the fact that she refused to disclose the cause for the collapse of her relationship with him.

Terry, whose birth name is Moitheri Pheto and who was born in Mahikeng on May 11, 1981, is a well-known actress who sprang to fame for her role as Miriam in the feature film Tsotsi, which won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 2006.

She made her debut in the film industry in 2005 and has since appeared in a number of critically acclaimed productions, such as "The Bold and the Beautiful" (2011), "How to Steal 2 Million" (2012), and "Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom" (2015). (2013). (2013).

Pheto is currently married to South African infotech tycoon Masande Peter, who won Best Actress in a Supporting Role at the Africa Movie Academy Awards as well as the Golden Horn Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in How to Steal 2 Million (2012). They welcomed their first child in 2019 after being married in 2019.

2. Disebo Makatsa

Following the end of DJ Sbu's relationship with Pheto, he started dating Disebo Makatsa. No one knows when, how, or where they first came into contact with one another. Their relationship, on the other hand, was thrust into the limelight when they announced their engagement in 2013.

Two years later, the pair parted ways amidst rumors that Disebo had been unfaithful to DJ Sbu by having an affair with Edwin Sodi, a South African businessman who is worth many millions of dollars. After that, Disebo denied cheating on Leope and advocated for an amicable divorce between the two of them.

It is said that he broke up with her in order to pursue a relationship with another woman named Kefilwe Mabote who was both younger and more attractive than her.

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Makatsa was born in the town of Welkom, which is located in the province of Free State in South Africa. Her mother's name is Shirley, but her father's identity has not been revealed to the public, and there is no information that is readily available on her past, childhood, or upbringing. Her mother's name is Shirley. After she started dating DJ Sbu, she became more well-known in the industry.

Prior to enrolling at the University of Pretoria, she received her education at Epworth School in Pietermaritzburg, which is located in the province of KwaZulu-Natal. 2007 marked the year that she graduated from the University of Pretoria with a Bachelor of Science degree in Geoscience. After that, she was granted entry into the New Managers Programme at the Wits School of Business.

In addition to this, she went on to complete her postgraduate studies in Production Data Management at Wits Business School, where she was awarded a Post Graduate Diploma in that field in 2011. In a similar manner, she made the decision in 2011 to pursue her Master's degree in Commerce and Management at the same Wits Business School from which she obtained her MBA in 2012. She graduated from the Wits University School of Business in the past.

Her academic accomplishments gave her the essential foundation to launch a career that had a lot of potential for success. During the year 2008, she held the position of Technical Services Planner at Central Rand Gold. She moved on in 2011 to take a position in Johannesburg with Pan-African Resources, which is a subsidiary of the Shanduka Group (Pty) Ltd.

Her current role is Group Project Manager at their company. In addition to that, she is the Chief Executive Officer of the Sibusiso Leope Education Foundation, also known as SLEF. DJ Sbu is the founder of the foundation, which is a non-profit organization that has won multiple awards and is devoted to supporting and empowering teenagers through the medium of education.

3. Boitmelo Mahlase

In 2016, it was said that DJ Sbu was romantically involved with a student named Boitumelo Mahlase in Johannesburg. On the other side, he claimed that everything was a fabrication and vented his frustration through the article that was written for a weekly tabloid newspaper that covered the news.

DJ Sbu was adamant that the young lady should meet him for the first time, and he described the woman as being similar to a sister to him. He claimed that he assists students through his foundation rather than going out with them personally.

Who is DJ Sbu’s Babymama?

Disebo Makatsa is her name. Their romance began in 2013 and continued through 2015, during which time they welcomed a lovely daughter whom they called Waratwa Leope. On October 28th, 2014, she entered this world in South Africa.

Even though DJ Sbu and Disebo are no longer romantically involved with one another, they have managed to maintain their friendship and continue to co-parent their kid. Waratwa lives with her father in the enormous mansion that is part of his land. The mansion also contains a recording studio.

DJ Sbu prioritizes quality time with his daughter during the times when he is not working. He is in charge of his daughter's Twitter account, which he uses to upload a lot of images of his daughter and herself without Disebo Makatsa. It has been reported that the father and daughter have been observed together in public on a number of occasions.

Who Is DJ Sbu Dating Now?

It is believed that DJ Sbu does not currently have a romantic partner. Since the end of his last relationship, he has never publicly acknowledged another woman as his girlfriend or as the woman he intends to marry.

The radio presenter has had his fair share of ups and downs in relationships, none of which resulted in marriage, but that does not imply that he is no longer interested in marrying. In fact, he is still open to the possibility of getting married.

During an interview on SABC 3's Real Talk with Azania Mosaka, he claimed that he is ready to settle down, despite the fact that it is widely believed that he is single due to the fact that he is not dating anyone at the present time.

In 2019, he also assured the person he referred to as his "future bride" in a tweet that he has never been married before. DJ Sbu has indicated that he does not yet know how or when they would meet up with each other. However, he gave her his word that she would one day wed a multibillionaire.

Has DJ Sbu Ever Been Married?

No. He has never taken a bride down the aisle and said his vows to her. He would have gone through with it if it weren't for the horrific breakup he had with Makatsa, which led to the two of them breaking off their engagement. Since leaving the public eye, Disebo has led a low-key existence, and it is not known whether she is married, in a relationship, or if she is still single.

A Look At The Controversies and Scandals The Famous Entertainer’s Love Life Has Survived Over The Years

His dramatic breakup with Disebo, his problematic relationship with Pheto, the charges that shrouded their separation, and his rumored engagement with Mahlase are the only controversies and scandals that have occurred in DJ Sbu's romantic life.

Since Terry went public to set the record straight on how her relationship with the kwaito musician came to an end, there has been no further news regarding the two. In addition, DJ Sbu's comment about his alleged connection with Boitumelo helped put an end to the rumor, despite the fact that Boitumelo did not deny, confirm, or even respond to the allegation that she was dating DJ Sbu, which helped put an end to the story.

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