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Try not to laugh: People at it again mocking the prison warder and an inmate, See photos

The shocking video of the ncoma correctional prison warder and an inmate break's the internet and left people talking non-stop. The video surfaced on the internet on 16 March at night and it is still in the headlines.

The prison warder and inmate filmed themselves at an inmate ward doing the deed which unfortunately leaked on the internet. The video has been trending on all social media platforms since yesterday.

The prison warden has been suspended and is waiting for disciplinary process, and the inmate will undergo disciplinary actions since it is not allowed according to the Correctional rules to perform the deed at workplace.

Some people laughed at the situation and mock the situation by creating a meme of the Two. The made the comparison of two with vegetables of carrot and a potato.

To stop the transmission of the Covid-19, wear your masks, sanitize, keep social distance and wash your hands with soap.

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