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The Black Door - Linda Sebezo is the mother of all problems

Mam Rebecca is a no-nonsense corrupt and greedy businesswoman who doesn’t take no for an answer, says seasoned actress Linda Sebezo

And she just happens to be Linda’s hottest new character in the steamy telenovela series The Black Door, which kickstarted’s night-time schedule overhaul in April this year. 

“The producers called me to come audition for Mam Rebecca and I was a little nervous after reading the script,” explains Linda. “I’ve played a lot of shady people in my career, but Mam Rebecca – or Rebs as she’s known – is by far the worst.”

When she’s not running her high class underground brothel The Black Door, Mam Rebecca is schmoozing, wining and dining the local business elite to win new tender contracts. 

“She’s greedy and she uses her brothel to get her contracts to make money,” says Linda, adding that “she’s so much fun to play!”


What does this role mean to you? 

"The telenovela is dark and Rebs is darker and extremely ruthless – she kills and she doesn’t have a heart. Even with her family, they feel like they’re just pawns in her game. She moves and manipulates people to get ahead. And if they serve no purpose to her, they’re gone."

What attracted you to the show? 

"I’m so excited by how risqué and scandalous it is, but at the same time there are so many teachable moments in the storyline, in which viewers can learn from the characters’ mistakes and triumphs – and I believe they’ll learn a lot from Rebs’s tough upbringing and what she’s willing to do to keep her business running. 

"I also like the idea of teaching people my age to not judge [sexworkers]. Come on, everyone has sex and there’s nothing special [or shocking] about it, so why should sexworkers be cast out?"

Are there any similarities between you and Mam Rebecca? 

"Like Rebs, I’m from the hood and I speak the language. I grew up in Soweto and I can hold my own, best believe that. I don’t let anyone walk over me and I do things my way. 

That’s Mam Rebecca in a nutshell – no one stands in her way. I think that we’re also both go-getters – if there’s something that we see and want, we’re willing to take risks to get it!"

Source: TVSA

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