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Siyacela Dlamuka gets out of hand

The Isencane lengane star siyacela Dlamuka wants to do things behind his father's back. In the previous episode of their reality show isencane lengane aired on Saturday 25th September 2021 on Moja love, siyacela was seen in Durban having a time of his life with his new lover Zinhle, SA finally saw the woman who made Siyacela to leave his wife at home for days.

Zinhle does seem like a humble person but again she knows what is right and she challenges Siyacela. She's more mature than him too because of the way she thinks and her reasoning capacity. The only thing we can comment siyacela on about this whole thing is that he was open about him being married from the beginning of his relationship and made it clear that his new lover will be wife number two and she's very much aware of it. Zinhle seems to have self respect and wants things to be done right. During their conversation about their relationship with Siyacela she was asking about how Thando is taking the whole thing and asked her man if she knows about her. Siyacela lied about Thando knowing about her because he never mentioned anything to her, Thando oviasly is suspecting that Siyacela is cheating and that she saw someone who posted siyacela on their status but no body confirmed anything to her, oviasly as women we know it when our partner cheats because of their changes in behavior but Siyacela never mentioned the girl to his wife. He only mentioned polygamy and Thando crushed the idea emmediately and that if he wants to continue with the polygamy, she won't stop him but she will not be a part of that. During the conversation between Siyacela and Zinhle a clip of Thando's view on her husband taking a second was was played just as a reminder.

Siyacela is very lost and he does not even know why he wants polygamy because during his chat with Zinhle, she asked about the living arrangements if they happen to get married but Siyacela has nothing figured out. He does not work and he seems to not have interest in getting a job because he mentioned that he wants to just have two lovers and stay together with them , he will be home while they go to work. Imagine, a whole man with two wives and he cannot even support them and expects the wives to work for him. Wow 🙄. Zinhle was not impressed with the statement at all. Siyacela just seems like a lost soul and he realy needs some intervention. As stubborn as he is we doubt he will listen to his father because he already canceled the polygamy thing when he mentioned it, but Babdlamuka must try once again to stop this fire from burning because his son is very lost. Siyacela seems to be very attached to this new girl but what can we say? It's new love, it can make you loose everything. Zinhle also asked about Siyacela atleast telling his father about his intentions of marrying her, Since Siyacela knows that his father won't allow he now wants to do things behind his back because he says he wants to go ask for Zinhle 's hand in marriage first then later tell his father that it's already been done because he know his father won't agree to this. Zinhle was not impressed and pushed Siyacela to do the right thing and tell his father, siyacela just agreed but I doubt he will. We hope Zinhle sees the kind of drama she will find herself in if she allows Siyacela to send people to her parents without his father's blessings. She must think twice because Siyacela has no future. He only thinks for himself and that selfish behavior won't build any home. Babdlamuka please Intervene 🙏

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