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Isencane Lengane: Mzansi throw a Bombshell to Siyacela for abusing Thando on today episode

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Thando reconciles with her husband for the sake of peace, but deep down she hasn’t really forgiven him. Dlamuka reprimands Siyacela to stop bullying his wife.

"This is a case of GBV (emotional abuse) for me and Thando is subjecting herself. At this stage, she should be working on her existing plan. This Siyacela does not respect his own father, maternal grandmother, etc. There is no way he will respect Thando or the "second wife" as well. Birds of the same feather, flying together

Thando's should stand up to this jumping castle of his, usedelela kakhulu manje lomfana. uManto umithise

Thando always struck me as a brave young lady who knows what she wants. I was very surprised to see her taking so much disrespect from this boy/husband of hers. She should value herself and leave while she still can.Thando watched Siyacela disrespect his whole family (grandparents, uncle, father, stepmothers, and even his brothers) and thought she'd be immune to that abuse. She went as far as disrespecting the grandmother because of this fool.

ThankyouMy heart bleeds for you and I hope when you finally wake up you won’t be pregnant because a child will be a permanent connection to Siyacela, whether you’re together or not. This boy is a spoilt brat that doesn't even know if it's raining or shining, but this is a lesson to learn because these kids want to get into people's shoes, thinking that marriage is a world of juice and honey if they don't learn from Isencane Lengane. Personally, it's a good lesson for the young ones. " a source of Facebook followers



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