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Divorce Affair

Mina Nawe House: Abel confesses to more cheating and accuses Koketso of witchcraft

Moja Love finally decided to load more episodes of the show and we got to see the now notoriously villainous Abel irritate his wife early in the morning with accusations. Only to turn around and make confessions of his own.

He confessed that their sexual relationship has suffered because he was focusing on the outside.

It is unsurprising to me that people hate Abel. We can all see that Koketso is half the person she used to be because of this man. She is deeply unhappy about her life with Abel but there is something holding her back.

A user on Twitter summed it up rather effortlessly, she wrote, "There are so many Koketsos out there who are in bad relationships because of money and the security that comes with that set up but deep down they are extremely unhappy. #minanawehouse"

I know we've established that she is NOT a gold digger, but her situation is nuanced. She was up early in the morning defending herself about the one person she cheated with emotionally meanwhile this man was cheating with more women.

Abel also insinuated directly that she uses muthi on him. That she wants to control him with traditional medicine which was truly disappointing and disgusting. If she was using muthi, she wouldn't need to come on the show. He clearly doesn't respect her or her time.

Personal Thoughts

Abel is a sleazy kind of person to me. He has clearly gaslit Koketso to the point where doesn't see his faults. It's a very twisted coupling made worse by his admission of hitting her twice. He even had a slimy grin on his face as he admitted this. It wasn't alright.

They have children together but they have built a life together on a base of crumbling sand and things will fall apart sooner or later. Abel needs to grow up and not go partying anymore. He is a husband and father now, priorities change

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Source: Mina Nawe House on Moja Love DSTV channel 157

Content created and supplied by: Ndumiee (via Opera News )

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