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Sis Gloria Got Herself In Trouble After She Did This In #etvScandal

Sis Gloria Got Herself In Trouble After She Did This In #etvScandal


It seems like Ausi Gloria has become the viewers fans and judging by the way they comment on her it clear that fans has loved today's episode. We always knew it Sis’Glo was the wrong candidate to keep this secret. plot twist : she spilt the beans for nothing to Ndu , the Kubekas didn’t found the money.

The fact that Gloria is contemplating going to the police is proof that money really is the root of all evil. Caiphus has made a sacrifice made for nothing, Gloria deserves all this and more for putting Caiphus in jail. Ndu knew from the start that Caiphus didn't do anything.

Gloria is seriously choosing money over her partner. She will be silenced(But atleast he she gave afew clues to Ndu when she was drank and even outside court)...And if her character is cut out too I will be sad.Coz I lover her anyway. The same way they left the money in their house is the same way it disappeared, looks like they are making sure nothing connects them to caiphus.

Despite her loving money and being selfish I think she will tell Dintle or police the truth.. She truly loves Caiphus.

She won't make it to the police. The Kubekas will silence her permanently. The money went back to the owner, the same way they brought it, it went the same way through the window.

Now I understand why the Kubekas went for the money! Even if Gloria goes to the police, there won't be any 1.5 mili as a proof.. Smart move.

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