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DJ Zinhle's Baby Daddies Don't Get Along? Here's What Zinhle Says

DJ Zinhle has two daughters, with two different baby daddies, who are both in the entertainment industry. The fathers are both artists/ musicians. They have never been seen at the same place, although they are both in the same industry. AKA has never publicly spoken about DJ Zinhle and MurdahBongz's relationship.

MurdahBongz has also never been seen with Kairo, who is AKA's child. So it is difficult to find out how AKA and MurdahBongz's relationship is like. They are now somehow forced to be at the same room at the same time.

Now that DJ Zinhle has kids with the two of them, she says they have to find ways to make it work. She says now that she have kids with both of them, it means she has to find ways for them to get along. Both Zinhle's kids use their fathers surnames. She even made fun of it, and said she is a baby making factory.

Most people thought that when Zinhle said the two men have to find ways to make things work, it means the two men don't get along. Some even said they would not be surprised if AKA doesn't get along with MurdahBongz. 

Do you think the two get along? And would you be surprised if they don't get along? Is it a must for them to get along? Maybe they will both honor dj Zinhle’s wishes, and have a good relationship with each other. It doesn't mean they have to be friends, but they now can just get along with each other.

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