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" Our Young Stars Are Not Motivated Enough " - Pirates Fan Reaveal This In A Comment

Orlando pirates fan have revealed that their young stars are not motivated enough. So what could be on everyone's mind now. Is that what can possibly motivate these young stars. That is because tomorrow they are the ones who will be the face of orlando pirates. All in all the fan have said that theybare not motivated enough.

This could be bringing much stress to the fan because worrying about these young stars. Is the same as worrying about the future of orlando pirates. So if that is stressing this fan he had to reaveal it to evryone. So that an easy solution to motivate the young stars of pirates.

See the comment below.

These young stars should really be motivated alot because there is no future without them. Honestly there is no future at orlando pirates home without these young stars. In that case it ia a must that they are always motivated.

If they are always motivated that will reduce the stress to everyone and they will also play good. Indeed stressing about hoe a future of a team will be like when it is not perfoming well. That is alot to deal with. So in that case these young stars should be motivated.

Definitely the fan that has revealed this might be busy now thinking of what can motivate the boys. Of which is great thing to do because a future is something that everyone has to prepare for. As this fan have said that the boys are not motivated he is already preparing for future.

This thing of them not being motivated enough is in the fans thoughts. Because he can't imagine what the future will be like. If these young stars are not motivated. Ao in that case the young stars have to be motivated enough so that they can grow and be a better team tomorrow.

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