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Divorce Affair

Owami Entertainment on her pending divorce

Owami Entertainment is well known for her youtube gossip channel. Owami has mentioned that she started her YouTube channel from using a Samsung J5. To now having almost 200k subscribers.

Owami has shared on her channel that she is going for a divorce. We have seen her husband on her channel and many referred to him as 'big guy'. They even had a vlog channel together. In the beginning of the year she announced that they are divorcing due to him cheating on her. She has been very open about her divorce and she shared the details of them.

Since the divorce and moving to Johannesburg, she has really been flourishing. She has been on vacations with friends as well flourishing in her job. She even appeared on sabc 2.

In a recent video she opened up about how costly the divorce was, and how she has been paying for the lawyers fees and her ex husband is not showing interest in the divorce proceedings. She said she gave him the land that they had bought together, the car that they had and even let him have some of the money they he owed her and paid for lawyers fees but her husband is still not co-operating.

Check our her video on her channel Owami Entertainment

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