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REVEALED. Dj Oscar Mbo allegedly known for scamming people. See Pictures

Oscar has allegedly scammed Dj Archie bold. Dj Archie SA had booked Oscar for a gig in the late December. According to the agreement Oscar Mbo requested a full amount payment upfront before the gig was supposed to happen. The date was set to be on the 28th December 2021.

The transaction between Oscar and Archie was made through Oscar's manager, Yolisa. Could it be possible that she is also involved in this scamming? As the date approaches Oscar Mbo then decided to ditch Archie but then promised him that he will absolutely show up in another date but this time he will do a 2 hour set to cover up for the inconvenience caused. Not upholding his promises, Archie bald found himself blocked everywhere and his calls not returned.

Alot of people then came out sharing their stories of how Oscar has always been a scammer. One of those people also included Shimza where he indicated that he was also blocked and his whole team by Oscar Mbo. I mean such a cute guy with so much scandals is said really. Doesn't small claims court deal tirh such issues. Because now there is a manhunt for Oscar Mbo. And it will not end well for him unfortunately.

Oscar is mostly known to be Alot of people's crush because of his height and his cleanliness. Very much attractive. This is by for the 3rd time someone claims that Oscar has scammed them. To top it off Oscar has unfortunately deleted his Twitter account. This might just show people how guilty he is.

Opinion || I do not understand why some artists have such poor work ethics and poor discipline. Being paid and not pitching for shows no doubt affects your reputation and your image. They don't seem to even care. This is so disappointing. Oscar seems to be the coolest guy but no he is a crook.

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