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Mia loves her Banting lifestyle and many people are surprised for the amazing transformation results

Mia: She is living proof that banting will work for you as well. She is happy with her lifestyle and it is something that many other people still do not believe. She has shared pictures from before and with the current results that are, without a doubt, amazing. It is something that she is proud to share with everyone.


It is not easy to do it and some people tried but could not do it for much longer. It is just like going to the gym and when it gets tough, you decide to let go. Some people will even post about how they are excited about going to the gym and later on, they will surprise you by quitting. With the caption, "I love my body the way it is." You need discipline for this kind of lifestyle.

When people are flexing with their transformations from how toughly they got with relentless dedication at the gym, or when Mia is simply staying on her banting, it is a good sign. You will not get good results for not quitting, because that is the only way you have failed. It is not about when to reach the goal, but how to enjoy the journey.

That is why Mia is enjoying banting and in that way, she will not have to quit and stress that it is difficult. Your lifestyle is beautiful when you are having the results you want and if you quit, it will be something that you did not have through your lifestyle. In that way, you have not enjoyed your lifestyle very fully. It does not matter how you are going to be doing it.


Is like when playing soccer. It is not about the kind of soccer boots you are wearing on the field, but the performance that you will have and whether you will be happy after the game. It is not good to have a fear of not posting your pictures on social media if you really want to, but you are scared of what people will say. It should be enough motivation to change your lifestyle, like Mia, and become happier.

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