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Black Coffee Is Also One Of Them. Exposed.

Opinion: It seems like shimza is not the only artist being selfish. The dj and producer was exposed by maphorisa for being selfish and not uplifting other producers who have helped him with producing his songs.

Apparently, black coffee is one of them according to prince kaybee as it came up after this one tweep asked, " Are the likes of black coffee obligated to uplift up and coming potential djs? Is that what he is supposed to do? Is shimza in it to share the piece of the pie? Where is this rule that once I've made it now I have to give back? Is giving back not a character trait? Is it a must?". Prince kaybee said it wouldn't hurt for coffee to lend a helping hand to fellow artists and introduce them to the big fishes in the global entertainment but he won't do it because he is fascinative with being a one-man show. " Art was never designed to be owned by one person. We are obligated to pay it forward & ensure that the art lives beyond us. We must uplift young artists! That other guy can't just tell drake "yo we havee kabza i want you to meet him" but because he is a one man show..." He said.

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