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Pick your fighter:Minnie Dlamini vs Boity Thulo

Minnie Dlamini and Boity Thulo have been in the entertainment industry for as long as we can remember.They have stuck around and it's safe to say they are not going anywhere.I for one just think it's their versatility and that they are able to adapt to the changing environment and fashion trends... They will never die out instead they just keep on getting better and better.

Minnie Dlamini has cemented herself in our hearts and brains.I am quite sure there is no one who does not know her.She is a legend and powerhouse woman.Minnie got married about 2 years ago and has been absolutely slaying marriage life, she now even has a baby.She is now Mrs cute

Boity Thulo is also a media personality and is absolutely killing the game.Boity has her own perfume,hair and drink brands.I mean what can't Boity do?she's so beautiful and smart.She just keeps on making money moves and we are here for it

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Boity Thulo Jones Minnie Dlamini


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