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Meikie knows Something That John Maputla Don't Know See What's Going To Happen


Calmly holding on to perceive what the Sangoma would say about Leeto s natural dad. In the mean time am wagering on Peterson being Leeto a dad however with Skeem sam who realizes it may end Lehasa being Leeto's dad. Concerning a man who is furious and did the revile without telling his better half, that is Leeto's dad. I speculate Mr Kgomo in light of the fact that around then he felt Meikie denied them of getting equity when she killed that Tumishang yet I could be off-base. Maputla family neglected to secure noah when he consume the production line they needed him to go to jail,now table turn is maiki she would not like to go to prison, that why individuals say you will not feel torment until same circumstance happen to you. 

Precursors need her to let John know who is the Real dad of Leeto. Most exceedingly awful part Bra Sikes knows the Real dad of Leeto. We as a whole realize that in Turf there's s much show n companions share everything, did you figure Tbose would impart a dad to kwaito, the sky is the limit. The revile is from mr kgomo, he is irate on the grounds that meiki killed Tumishang and tumishang killed Kele, mr kgomo needed conclusion from tumishang he never got due to Meiki. Imagine a scenario where he is discussing Mr Kgomo in light of the fact that he says that individual set a child on the grave without telling his significant other so since she killed that person that killed that young lady I believe it's him. 

Whatever revile it is, Who did she hurt intentionally. Meikie was harmed by many individuals no reverse way around. Whoever reviled meikie, reviled her when she was a kid. Leeto showing Bra Sikes something new, that time Bra Sikes has clear intel of him and his family. Who will get injured the most?

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