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SkeemSaam: Lehasa left in shock after Nothile's big revelation, See how he will go back to Pretty


Lehasa's dream life has become a nightmare for him after Nothile revealed unexpected truth about herself. For the first time in his life Lehasa had real feelings for Nothile and was planning to start a family with get, the news about Petty's pregnancy was just an obstacle in his way which is why he strongly believed that the baby she was carrying was not his. Lehasa saw this as a problem for him and Nothile which is why he chased her away with her family when they revealed the pregnancy to him. Thinking 9f her future Pretty was left with no choice but terminate the pregnancy and it seems that the Maphosa's are starting to show interest in the pregnancy not knowing that its already too late. Although Pretty is ready to move on with her life and forget about the pregnancy it seems Lehasa and his family will pay her a visit very soon.

After Nothile revealed to Lehasa that she can't have babies because she made a decision that she didn't want any children and removed her womb, this is very shocking for him because he always wanted children and he thought that Nothile was the right person to Gabe children with. Now that he knows that she can't have children this changes everything, on the other hand Nothile is willing to take in Petty's child so she can raise him with Lehasa. It seems they are already making plans about the baby not knowing that Pretty already terminated the pregnancy.

The news about Nothile not being able to have children will surely have a negative impact on her relationship with Lehasa. He will have to think carefully whether he wants to continue with the relationship or not, even if it means they will never have children. Having children have always been one of Lehasa's main priority, the questions is will.he sacrifice his wish to have children so that he can be with Nothile or this will be the end of their relationship

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