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VIDEO: Solphenduka scratches his back with the podcast and chill with MacG's award

The Thursday episode of the Podcast and Chill with MacG was a blust with a friend of the show, Panuel, who brought a great interview for the chillers. While Panuel was sharing his thoughts and beliefs, Solphenduka took one of the many awards from the podcast table and started scratching his back because he was feeling itchy and he was not able to reach his back with a hand.

MacG stopped Panuel fro talking and asked Sol why he was scratching his back with the award. From his words when he was answering MacG, he said, "I scratch my back for the chillers" and they did not have to worry because he had their back too. That is how much everyone on the podcast is comfortable and they don't have to worry about not doing something unprofessional.

As long as they are happy with it, it is professional enough for them. He also talked about why they have turned down a lot of deals because they wanted them to change the nature of the podcast and their words, which they will no longer use on the podcast. They are using the 'F' word as they like, and chillers know that it is part of the language they are using.

The Ghost lady even said their guest came at the wrong time and they did not know if Solphenduka was going to take the award and scratch his back. Solphenduka would never get defeated again, especially with the Monday episode where MacG was on him the entire show. It was not his show and he was redeeming himself in the best way possible.

Panuel in this great interview, he wants the people of South Africa to smell the coffee. He made it clear that people should stop enhériting the struggles of their parents and make a change that is going to benefit them. He made it clear example that Orania is a good example. They should run their places like that and they will live much better.

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