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Generations The Legacy 19 January 2022: Ayanda is caught between Kabisi and Nkosiyabo battle

Previous Episode of Generations The Legacy Episode 43 (1863)

In case you missed yesterday’s episode of Generations The Legacy, let me break down the highlights.

A rude awakening from her perfect dreamland. The land where she has her loving father Mandla living with them as a newlywed.

Mandla played into Ayanda’s emotions again last night and told her he was leaving. After he left, Nontle pointed at Dali as the culprit for this occurrence. Ayanda lost it to her new husband and went after her father to stop him from leaving. She managed to conveniently arrive on time but while in the middle of convincing him, Lerumo showed up. To say he destroyed the moment is an understatement. He reported all of Mandla’s indiscretions right there in front of other borders. To cut the long story short, Ayanda went back home with her tail between her legs.

Mpho reaches a big moment in his career and he'd like to celebrate with Lesedi.

Mpho reaches a big moment in his career and he’d like to celebrate with Lesedi.

Dali had a heart-to-heart with Nontle after to console her as well. The two million was deposited into the right account and Fikile felt like celebrating with Ayanda but, as we know Ayanda is not in a celebratory mode.

Cosmo has started something he can’t handle. He has attracted Hazel, the woman who is helping with the kiosk. Cosmo wins it but he is not sure whether he won due to Hazel liking him. They didn’t sit well with him.

Nkosiyabo makes a new plan to win against Kabisi.

So let’s check out what’s going to happen today.

Generations The Legacy: Wednesday 19 January 2022

Mpho receives good news and wants to share the moment with Lesedi, but he gets disappointed Fikile doesn’t want to lie to make Nazei feel better, so she will tell him exactly what she thinks.

Ayanda is right in the middle of a battle between Kabisi and Nkosiyabo. Sphe corrects Kabisi when he calls her Miss Moroka at the board meeting. Who will come out tops this time?

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