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Mazet ends London for good to get to Don operations

Mazet ends London to get to Don

Mazet has been obsessed with Don ever since he put Sonto to a hospital bed. Mazet doesn't like being under Don's power that is why she wants to end him once and for all.

Mazet prepares a special drink to Don and London gets it first which it sends him straight to a hospital bed. Don is suspicious but he is unable to get his facts straight.

Will Don ever find out that the poisonous drink was meant for him?

Don will not die easily because he is now the master of operations since Sonto is not in the show. Thati doesn't have the time for Don because she is always with Mel destroying Gladys at the same time.

Thati is a women she should know better other than hurting another man, what is she trying to prove. She should know her worth because she is beautiful and can get any man in Gomora but no she goes straight to Mel.


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