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The Most Expensive Verses In Rap Music

Jay-z $1.5 million

If you're going after the king, be sure you have enough money in your bank account! With practically endless Grammys and other awards under his belt, Jay-Z is the best of the best and has been for decades. It'll cost you a fair fortune to acquire a feature with the biggest name in the game.

According to Forbes, the hip hop mogul has a net worth of $1.4 billion, so it's no wonder that the Roc Nation rapper expects at least $1.5 million for whatever feature he's offered. It's no surprise he rapped once, "You can't afford to pay me."

J.cole $700 000

When you've been at the top for as long as J Cole has, you can pretty much charge anything you want. And he's charging a lot these days. Even in 2019, he was charging astronomically high fees. In the same year, he had an appearance on Young Thug's song The London.

On that track, he rapped, "A verse from me is like eleven birds... it's like two thousand dollars every word." According to his logic (or math? ), he should have received about $700,000 for that single verse. And that's just an average; he's probably charged significantly more for other songs!

Nicki Minaj $500 000

In the year 2020, young upstart artist Davido (who also made this list) chose to team up with Nicki Minaj, one of hip hop's most successful female rappers. "When I awoke the next morning, I had completely forgotten that I had texted her the night before. 'Oh [shot], I was intoxicated,' I said "he stated

He'd requested the superstar to appear on one of his songs, and she obliged, sending him her verse for Holy Ground within 24 hours of receiving his DM. What's more, what's more, what's more, what's more She didn't make any accusations against him. "Nicki is going to charge $500,000 for verses. And she did it for no charge to me "'I'm gushing,' he exclaime

Kendrick Lamar 400 000

In barely three years, Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar released two of hip hop's most critically praised albums: Good Kid, M.A.A.D City, and To Pimp A Butterfly. Nas, another rap legend, famously claimed, "Kendrick changed up the rap game." It's no wonder that he's making huge money moves, given his legendary status.

Kendrick, on the other hand, isn't all about the money. Music is the most important thing to him. Though he admitted in a 2014 interview with Complex magazine that his feature costs can reach $400k, it depends totally on whether he wants to do the verse. If it doesn't meet his expectations, no amount of money will persuade him otherwise.

Da baby $400 000

DaBaby had no difficulty proclaiming that his $5,000 feature fee was "too costly for you" when he first started out in the industry, but we think it's safe to say that his current verses cost a lot more. DaBaby is one of the most well-known names in the industry these days, as seen by the amount he charges.

In just two years, the rapper from Leave Me Alone has gone from charging $5k for a feature verse to a ridiculously expensive fee. "From 5k per verse to 300k," DaBaby stated flatly on Instagram, alerting fans that his rates are now unaffordable for us.

Chris Brown $250 000

I'm not trying to brag... Chris Brown modestly unveiled one of his newest collaborations, "I've gotten on recordings from a new artist, and they've gone No. 1." Though he may not be everyone's favorite rapper, there's no disputing that he has what it takes to stay at the top, even after more than 15 years in the game.

With those years of experience comes a sizable salary. "I charge a premium fee to some people... the most I charge is over $250,000... If the music is already a hit, I'll jump on board. But I'm still going to do some writing... "I demand 50% of the publication if they say they can only offer you $30,000," he explained.

Davido $75 000

Let's get together and make some music. That's why we're here," Davido, an up-and-coming rapper, recently stated. Through his trip from Atlanta to Lagos and back to America, it's reasonable to say that his star in the hip-hop industry is still rising.

Despite only recently reaching the top of the charts, the Fall singer has already amassed a sizable fortune through his musical talents, even taking to social media to declare it. "Yo, I'm charging American artists for tracks right now... "I got paid $70,000 for a verse by two American artists," he added.

WizKid $25 000

Wizkid, a Nigerian superstar and hip hop singer-songwriter, has been sweeping the global music industry in recent years, capturing fans' attention in a number of ways. A feature with the musician costs $10 million Naira ($25,000 USD) according to current reports.

But he's not going to do a feature with just anyone who has the cash. The Essence singer tries to shake things up a little by doing unexpected things for his fans. "I despise it when people can predict my behavior," he said. "Why should people be aware that I'll be releasing an album tomorrow? I adore it when folks are less apprehensive."

Eminem : verse for verse

Eminem isn't just the actual Slim Shady; he's also the man who paved the way for rap and established a high bar for the genre! This could explain why Tech N9ne was taken aback when Eminem revealed his price for a cameo in a new song.

"[Eminem] did the verse for nothing but a swap," TechN9ne claimed of Eminem agreeing to do a verse on his single for no money at all. "I was taken aback... 'I only want a song from you for this,' he may say." Not everyone in the industry can claim to be in it for the money!


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