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Scandal Is Killing All Our Favorites, Look Who's Next

In the course of recent weeks, Scandal has been killing off characters. They killed off Mamba's better half, then, at that point Mamba, and his right hand man Gorbachev. While watchers believed that was the end, they then, at that point killed off the most cherished on screen character, Romeo Medupe. 

As watchers were all the while grieving Romeo's passing, they were then moved by someone else's demise. Boniswa was pushed off the gallery, and she passed on spot. Watchers believed that was it, yet they were then astounded once more when a truck collided with an eatery when individuals were all the while partaking in their party. This must be a certain something. There are essentially individuals who will be killed from the mishap. 

It has now been uncovered that the furthest down the line character to be killed off will be Brighton Ngoma, who plays . He has been with the show for a very long time at this point. Embarrassment will present two new families. A portion of the relatives began showing up today. Ideally they won't be killing off all old characters. Goodbye to Quinton.


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Boniswa Gorbachev Mamba Romeo Medupe.


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