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Here's What Is Going To Happen On The Next Episode Of Scandal, That Got People Talking

Seipati is finally free from Bohang, she rushed to her flat, to look if Tebello was fine. Tibi is fine, Neo got to the scene where Lerumo shot Bohang. He started touching the gun Lerumo was holding, he probably wants to be the one being blamed for the murder. Neo would do anything for his son, he was trying to calm Lerumo down. Seipati heard a gun shot, she was wondering who could be shot. She quickly went to the scene, to see who is shot.When she got there, she saw that Lerumo killed Bohang. Neo will be asking for Seipati's help, he need her help. He believes that only Seipati can help him with whatever he wants to do. It has been the worst past days for Seipati and Tibi.Hlengiwe has something to say to Amo, something that she was told by Dintle. Amo asked her what is that, her response was "everything I needed to hear". Amo is starting to freak out because he thinks Hlengi probably knows about his fling with Dintle.

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