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Meet The Zulu King Who Instituted Orders Of Succession In Zulu Monarchy

The heir to the throne is selected by the King or the father of the child.

The oldest Prince in the Royal house of where the late King was born, Philmon Zulu revisited the history of AmaZulu and explains what happens when a new King is enthroned. He travels in a wheelchair as he is very old. At the meeting held at the old legislate at Olundi many things were disclosed. He said the first person to put in order the regulations for the coronation of a King was King Mpande.

He was the one who began the proceedings of the placement of a new King. The father is the person who chooses his heir. All the late Kings who reigned were chosen by their fathers as the heirs. No king is chosen by family members or a Chief of the area. The Senior Prince said these words in a bid to end the infighting happening at the Royal family. The meeting held on the 29th of September was done to try and end the feud. The instigators of the feud Princess Thembi Zulu-Ndlovu and Prince Mbonisi were absent at the meeting through they were invited. The reason for their absence is that the King has not been coronated yet.

The two senior royals want Prince Simakade to be the next King, Simakade is the late King's son born out of wedlock by the King's girlfriend and they were never married. In the same gathering, the Queen's mother also narrated the things she shared with the KZN premier Sihle Zikalala about how an heir is chosen. The premier came and enquired about the infighting happening at the Royal family, but the mother denied the allegations. He even said he received two names contesting for the Kingship. After Zikalala was gone Queen Mavis called all her children and asked them what does the coronation of the King say, She then told the media that the heir is from a Senior wife taken from the royal family.

Queen regent Mantfombi Dlamini-Zulu is the wife that was brought to the King to bear him his heir. But right now she is surprised why all the confusion. In closing, the message said the Zulu Nation knows the truth and it will abide by it. She further said the Kingship of the Zulu Nation is not controlled by Princess Thembi and her brother Prince Mbonisi.

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