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Nkunzi Is Dead Now So Is Nosipho Going To Kick Gabisile Out Of The House? See What Will Happen

Gabisile and Nkunzi are neglecting to get back the flash their relationship. Lilly gives her best for track down Hleziphi, while Hlelo is disappointed with Sbu.

Nomaswazi experiences misfortunes assembling the following position. Nonka understands her contribution with the medication activity. Njeza commitments to never to get back to Nkunzi.

Njinji's endeavors at compromise are met with a chilly reaction from Nomaswazi. Nonka is persuaded to concede'. Mbatha utilizes appeal to attempt to cheat cash from Sonto.

Nkunzi has flashbacks of the day he nearly passed on. Nonka feels that her life is destroyed. Mbatha needs to advertise his items on Gabisile's public broadcast.

Still up in the air to get where Mr. Thwala left off. Nonka drops a bomb on her loved ones. Pope Mbatha is on another time high in the wake of sending off his blessed items.

Vika and Gebetsheni's relationship arrives at limit. MaDongwe is reluctant to confront embarrassment. Mbatha sidesteps taking care of Sonto.

Vika has a shift in perspective with respect to his dad. Minister Gwala's strong lesson contacts lives and carries desire to the sad Nonka's out there. Sonto is settling up with this relationship and Mbatha is too up to speed in his own mists to see.

Lilly thinks about slicing attaches with somebody near her.

Magistrate Sithole tosses a spanner in the Thwala examination. The Xaba house faces many difficulties while Vika's present gets a chilly gathering.

Gabisile is left humiliated during her live show when the police barge in excluded. Nosipho at long last gets uplifting news. Vika chooses to assume control over issues while attempting to get his most memorable agreement.

Mr Thwala's homicide keeps on tormenting the Mhlongos as they face Sithole's anger. Bab'Nsimbi's endeavor to bring Vika back is ineffective. Nonka is discouraged for not getting the warm welcome she expected from the center.

Nkunzi vows to come to the occasion come what may, in spite of his dilemma. Nosipho denies a considerate solicitation from Pastor Gwala. Vika and the Councilor arrive at a split the difference after much this way and that while Lilly battles for her exchange.

A frantic Gabisile takes steps to impact Commissioner Sithole's maltreatment of force on the radio and web-based entertainment on the off chance that he doesn't deliver Nkunzi yet has she prevailed with regards to driving him away?

Vika gets a significant success in KwaDukuza. Lilly could have a choice to promise her exchange to Mpumalanga. Nosipho demonstrates convenient with Gwala's congregation kids.

A secret man makes a stunning gift while Gabisile rejects the advances of tenacious Mthambisi. Chief Sithole attempts to threaten Nkunzi while Nosipho is compelled to admit her previous thoughtless activities.

Gabisile is charmed by Mthambisi Phakathi. Nosipho faces Nkunzi. The fact that Lilly is unexpectedly leaving makes madongwe hurt.

Nkunzi lays down the law and gives Nosipho a final proposal. Gabisile deceives Nkunzi about the call she has recently gotten. MaDongwe lets Lilly know what she has been holding back to hear.

Minister Gwala reverses the situation on Nkunzi. Lilly and Amahle plan for their huge get away from KwaMashu.

Gabisile winds up presented to the prohibited organic product. Nosipho goes to bat for herself against Nkunzi. Vika sets out on another excursion.

Gabisile is energized by Mthambisi's proposition. Magistrate Sithole welcomes Lilly to be essential for a first class task group. Nosipho moves in with Pastor Gwala.

Gabisile's previous returns to cause major problems for her, when she's compelled to cooperate with an excursion. Nosipho is left inclination awkward, knowing a family relative from Pastor Gwala's life will be visiting her. Lilly's advancement comes at an abnormal time.

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