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Do you still remember Thembi from Izulu Lami? Check her life story and her Net-worth in 2020

Sobahle Mkhabase is her real name. And she appeared as Thembi on Izulu Lami (my secret sky)

total assets

Her net-worth is approximately


In 2020

Sobahle Mkhabase is an entertainer, known for Izulu lami (2008). 

Net Worth $800,000 

Profession Actor 

Ten-year-old Thembi and her eight-year-old sibling, Khwezi, lose their mom. Their auntie should deal with them, however once she's sold the couple of things they have, she vanishes. The youngsters are left with only a conventional Zulu tangle made by their mom before she passed on. Taking their fate in her grasp, Tembi persuades her sibling that they ought to go to the enormous city of Durban. Be that as it may, when they show up, they get themselves unfastened in a startling city. The very quintessence of Tembi and Kwezi's bonds are compromised as the city turns into a beast that takes steps to totally overpower and vanquish them.

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