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She was spotted looking at the performers, now they are making her trend.

It is no surprise to see girls go crazy over their favorite artists and performers, it is something that happens a lot, when performers or stars like Michael Jackson used to perform, some girls would even jump out of the crowd to come and attempt to touch them, this happens a lot to big names like Justin Bieber and stars like Chris Brown whenever they perform.

Well there's one young lady who has been all over the internet lately for giving a performer a very strange look of admiration. After the performers saw the looks the lady was giving them they decided to give her something that she would blnever forget, they are currently trying to make her trend. Although one would think that it means trending in a bad way, if you were thinking of that, then you are most certainly wrong because, they want to make her trend to show their love to her too, it is more like a way of them showing her that they appreciate the love.

There has been repost and shares of this girl's images in hops of making her popular on social media, and it clearly seems like it's working perfectly because a lot of people know about her on social media. I guess for one to trend these days it only takes even a simple look, by that I mean the way you look at a person you could be popular from just doing that.

Well this shows that next time your at an event, you better give the performer a weird look maybe, just maybe he might make you trend, of course I'm only joking, but it seems like that was the case for this young lady as it seems like that is exactly what happened to her, for her to trend.

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