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Thathi From #Gomora Left Mzansi Confused After She Did This In #Gomora

Thathi From #Gomora Left Mzansi Confused After She Did This In #Gomora 

Source: Hashtag #GomoraMzansi twitter page

Gomora is loosing the plot now, it's nice but confusing. Gugu is kidnapped but Tshiamo and her so called family are relaxed and chilled as if nothing is happening. The teachers don’t even realise gugu is missing classes.

Gomora needs to take it's fans and viewers serious. Tshiamo just witnessed a murder in her home and she’s at school the following day spelling words like nothing happened? That Time She Was with Gugu when she was kidnapped, she still moved on like Nothing Happened. Witnessing All That And she's still not disturbed. That man seemed to know a lot. Even about Pretty not being the "favourite" daughter, yet he did not Even Qlwuestion Where MaZet Was.

Something really needs to be done about these terrible story lines. It's like they just passing time now. Gomora is a big TV show, adored by the whole of mzansi but now it's being reduced to high school sketch. It's a shame though!! Whoever took over as a writer is messing up with the storyline. If they continue like this, they'll end up like Isibaya and The Queen.

The way Thati has automatically forgotten about Buhle is full proof of how shitty this story has become. Thathi is actively trying to save Gugu but has forgetten her daughter. And everyone condoning Ntokozo becoming a security. I mean what kind of teachers does Gomora have. No one encouraging him to rewrite his matric exam, I mean re-writes are just now in June.

Thati expects Gladys to just move on with her life not knowing where her son is. She expects her to move on just like she has moved on without knowing whether Buhle is okay or still alive. They’re gonna make Ntokozo fall in love with Gugu, then once they start dating, Buhle will come back.

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