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TITO MBOWENI: DJ Amarula wants if Tito is an influencer because of the gift he received

Tito Mboweni gets a gift from Shoprite, which was a surprise for him at home. It was a surprise that came in a tin. He really likes food in a tin fish because Lucky Star knows how much the former minister enjoys tin fish. They have even given him a recognition moment, a tribute or a moment to appreciate him for loving to eat tin fish.


He had a gift from Shoprite of chicken feet and nicks. It is brought in a canned package. His followers are not entirely surprised that he has a good taste for them and are happy to share with his followers what he has got as a gift. When it comes to a gift, it is something you cannot say no to because the person who is giving it to you cares for you.

It comes from a good place and with good intentions, unless you do know who brought the gift and you can't accept it. It would be someone you could not sit at the same table with and drink from the same bottle of cold drink. It can't happen because of being hateful towards the other person or it comes from both of you.


Followers are surprised if he is now an influencer because what he shared is something that social media influencers do for a living. He could become one and he is having the influence that is needed. He would not be doing it for money because he is financially stable and in his lifestyle he does not have another bag he would want to secure for himself.


Becoming a social media influencer means showing everyone what you are doing is part of your lifestyle. You can't be an influencer for Drip footwear if you are not wearing any Drip shoes. It does not make sense and it will be seen as someone living a fake lifestyle. You have to look the part because it is something that people want for their lives.

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