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Sis Thembi Warn Loan Sharks About Witchcraft And Money That Comes With Muthi In #Dlozlami

Sis Thembi Warn Loan Sharks About Witchcraft And Money That Comes With Muthi In #Dlozlami 

Source: Hashtag #Dlozlami Twitter page 

In every episode of #Dlozilam we learning so much from this show. Thembi has came.out strong in this season and we cannot help but to appreciate her for the work she is doing. We are learning a new things everything and all thanks to her.

In last episode we learn about the importance of keeping the broom in the house. There are many reasons why you need to have a broom and one of those reason is to fight against witchcraft. A lady wrote to Thembi seeking help concerning the death of her mother. She had so many questions without answers about the death of her mother. 

Thembi has refused to go inside the house saying that there are something in the gate that has been plated. She show the family about the rope which was tie in the gate and lady think it's the kids when they were playing. She did not know that the kids were trying to tell her something. One thing we have learn about the broom is that Thembi told the lady to use broom and Jeysfrut to cast the witchcraft and the muthi that was planted in the gate and in the yard. According to Thembi used Jeysfrut and broom because witchcraft used broom to fly at night, by doing so you are fight with the. 

Thembi also revealed two bird that was in the house that they did not know about. They thought it was normal birds building nest on their gutter but it's dangerous birds. Sis Thembi is very powerful. She see things that no one saw. The ancestors instructed her to help the family by cleaning all the houses and the windows which witches used to seat and the places they like to seat when they held their meetings. 

This is a serious matter that everyone need to be aware of. It's wrong to borrow someone money from now on. People if you have not heard Thembi you will be digging your own grave. The woman got her hands burn because she accepted money that came with muthi because people borrow money to do dark things with it, and return it.

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