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Ntsiki Mazwai has the last laugh as truth behind BNG ownership is exposed

Ntsiki Mazwai has the last laugh as truth behind BNG ownership is exposed

While you're here, please follow me!

A few months ago, Ntsiki Mazwai asked what black economy is and actually suggested that BNG does not belong to Bonang. As always, she received the usual bashing and was told that she is jealous of Bonang who is allegedly more successful than she is.

As soon as it came to light that Bonang actually does not own BNG and is just the face of the brand, tweeps were forced to reflect on Ntsiki's tweet and actually swallow their pride and admit that they were wrong for accusing her of jealousy without understanding the facts. After all, Bonang's rant on Twitter about her brand being stolen by CSA management group was nullified as she was schooled that she actually has no authority over brands like BNG.

For most people on social media, this was a bitter reminder that black people continue being fronts of products and brands that they have no ownership for. It was also insinuated that most celebrities would rather appear rich and be affiliated with brands that they don't own instead of educating themselves around true ownership.

Black people like Bonang who are brand Ambassadors should not create an impression that they own products. For the longest time I had an impression that Bonang was the majority Equity partner of House of BNG and buying that sparkling was supporting black business.

Ausie Ntsiki Mazwai once warn us about celebrities being used to front businesses and we didn't listen, instead we bashed her. We all owe her an collective apology as a country.

"...On researching the wine I found that it was a Woolworths wine by some white dude. It had always been on the shelves and wasn’t selling. Basically, they put the brand Bonang on it, to sell to a new market… blacks". @LmoneyTM

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