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'See Photos of Bonetics, The Boy Who Is Currently Beating The Record Of World's Most Flexible Girl

It is believed that Julia Zlata is the world's most flexible girl, and she is also an internationally known contortionist.

Essentially, a contortionist is an acrobat who is capable of twisting their body parts into unorthodox postures.

Ms. Zlata is incredibly adaptable, and she can jam herself into tight spaces such as refrigerators by just twisting her legs.

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In spite of this, Bonetics is poised to surpass Julia Zlata's record due to his remarkable versatility.

Contortionist JULIAN leads the group Bonetics, which is comprised of young people. Body components are bent into their normal places by Bonetics' twisting. On the 2015 season of Britain's Got Talent, he competed. Astonishing the judges with his contortionist abilities, Bonetics was able to win their approval.

Bonetics made it to the semifinals of the 2015 British's Got Talent competition.

With his twisting, bending and reshaping of numerous body parts, he was able to astonish and impress the judges. Was it likely that the judges would stoop down and deliver a decision? No one was surprised! You can imagine how excited they were to learn about Bonetics and how they looked on in awe of the technology.

As a result of his performance in 2015's British Got Talent, he has gained widespread recognition.

Julian (Bonetics) consistently outperforms Julia Zlata in contortionism and flexibility, despite his strong build. He is the result of a combination of natural ability and years of hard work and dedication. Surely his achievements surpass those of Julia Zlata, don't you think.

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