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Scandal: Zenzele Khubeka discovers something that leaves him shock

Scandal: Zenzele Khubeka makes a shocking discovery

Zenzele is a character who is the blackship of the Khubeka family. He is the one son who isn't honest and lies a lot.

After the accident he caused that killed Quinton, he will have to work hard the family to respect him again. He has to make his father trust him, but how will he do that??

Well, Somethings couldn't have come to the right time. Zenzele Khubeka discovered that his father's girlfriend is stealing from their company. He saw her take money, he even installed cameras so that he could have enough evidence. What will he do with this information???

We all know that Zenzele doesn't play by the books and his father has frozen his accounts, which means he is broke. He will probably blackmail the lady to get some cash too. He will also have any in on the deals.

Zenzele would do anything to make extra cash and this is a great opportunity for him.

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