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Skeem Saam| Kgosi records everything that Lehasa planned about Khwezi and their baby

Khosi never sleeps, he is always right on time

Kgosi is one of the most boring characters on Skeem Saam, everything that he does always upsets the viewers. Now he is busy recording Lehasa about his evil plan to murder Khwezi and takes the baby.

Kgosi is use to use the video to blackmail Lehasa or show it to his friend Khwezi. Lehasa did a bad thing by having a baby with Khwezi. How can you have a baby with someone you don't love? Lehasa will learn the heart way. I really wonder what is Kgosi going to do with the video he just recorded.

Khwezi will not allow Lehasa to take her baby from her, Khwezi will use her baby to spend Lehasa's money the way she wants. Lehasa should let Khwezi raise the baby and stop planning evil things against his wife. Khwezi should run before it's too late.

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