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Should IdolsSA continue to go on air again next year?

This show has become irrelevant


Sources; Odols South Africa Twitter page

Since this year's season is currently under way, should they bring another season next year? This show has completely lost a lot of viewers because of the way they do things. Some of their contestants you don't see them after the show, meaning they don't release songs and making it out there. There are very few artists who have made it in this show. I think they don't promote their artists the way they should. Now there are only 3 contestants left for it to come to an end. Many viewers are waiting for Date My Family show to come back to their screens.

This show is taking too long to end and it has been playing for months on the national television. Viewers have stated that they now miss other sunday shows that they watch on sundays instead of IdolsSA. They are saying that there are many entertaining shows more than IdolsSA. I have to agree that this show does give the young people a chance to do something about their talents, but only few contestants benefit from it. Their winning prices are very reasonable also, i am definitely happy with them. The judges should also stop making fun of people when they come for the auditions.

This show use to be real in the early seasons now it has completely went south. In my opinion i think they should change the management and get back to a drawing board if they need a better number of viewers, supporters and more sponsors to help the contestants to make it out there after the show. They should also change the judges or even if they don't change they just school them to improve their work because there is something definitely lacking on their side too. Many people will love to see these beautiful and talented contestants making it big out there.

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