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ETV Scandal|| Dintle says that Motshabi's father is Mbuyi but she is only 80% certain

Motshabi has been asking about her father and Dintle did not want to tell her who he is. So she decided to go and find out for herself. She went to Lindiwe and found some interesting news that led to her asking to do a DNA test with Lindiwe to check if Scelo is not her father.

Dintle found out what Motshabi was up to and she called aunty Kutlwano. She told her what was happening. Kutlwano told her that she should tell Motshabi the truth about her father. Dintle told aunty Kutlwano that Scelo is not Motshabi's father. She then said that Motshabi's father is Mbuyi. When aunty Kutlwano asked is she was sure, she said that she is not 100% sure but rather 80% sure.

It is clear that Dintle does not know who Motshabi's father is, she is just guessing names from the people that she knows. People think Cee Jay could be Motshabi's father.


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