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Cosmo is bigger than Lucy in real life, see what people are saying about this



The quality that the SABC brings on our television can make viewers to think that things that are happening on that drama are also happening in real life, we're actors are starting to bond like real brothers and sisters which has helped many people a lot to learn from this actors every day.

Ronnie Nyakane's age has shocked many people who watch this drama every day where they have realised that he is bigger than his sister in the drama Lucy, which looks like he has been doing this for decades but Nyakale experience count because he started this during the 90s.

Nyakale was born in 1973 and Ranaka was born in 1978 which makes her be younger Rodney.

But this didn't affect their roles in this soppie because people are still loving them and appreciate the work that they do on our screens every day.

Maybe this can teach people about how talented our actors can be.

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