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Generations - Nkosiyabo shows his true colours

While planning to send Kabisi to an early grave, Nkosiyabo is completely unaware that his niece Sphe has overheard what he’s planning. 

Fearing the worst, Sphe decides to tell her ex-husband and the father of her child Mazwi Moroka (Musa Ngema) of her uncle’s evil plan. Kabisi overhears the conversation and he flies into a rage. 

But it’s not just the two men who’re getting worked up – Mazwi and Sphe are fed up with their respective family elders and their silly feud. 

Sphe tells Mazwi about her uncle’s plan because she wants their war to come to an end once and for all and without bloodshed.

Mazwi won’t tolerate any murders linked to the family and he sets Kabisi an ultimatum, says Musa. He tells him to call a truce or retire in Rustenburg. That takes Kabisi by surprise and he realises how far he’s gone.

That doesn’t mean Nkosiyabo will come to the same realisation.


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Kabisi Mazwi Musa Nkosiyabo Rustenburg


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