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"I was raped by Jub-jub” Amanda reveals more about her private relationship with jub-jub.

Mzansi's most beautiful actresses Amanda Du Pont turned all social media platforms last night after she claimed that jub-Jub raped her. The actress posted a video on Instagram where she detailed how the Ndikhokhele hitmaker jub-Jub.

Last night Amanda Du Pont, well known by her skeem Saam stage Lelo mthiyane, posted a video of herself crying on her Instagram story. She said that both jub-Jub (Moremo Catrehoma Alohanie) and Mac G should stop using people's names in order to promote their own agendas and make money.

This comes after jub-Jub told Mac G at his podcast about his forgotten relationship with Amanda Du Pont. As her video continues she said “I was raped for 2 years by Jub-jub” (With tears in her eyes).

She then went on to reveal the full details of her relationship with him and how he physically abused her and how toxic it was, via an Instagram post.

She wrote:“ I was raped, Physically and emotionally abused for 2 years by Jub-jub. The only thing I did wrong was keep quiet. But that ends here, I will not be publicly ridiculed by this criminal. Him and Mac G saw it fit to drag my name on their podcast for clout at the cost of amplifying a gender based violence case.

Any Artonney that can help me with a cease and a decease letter or help with dealing with this man legally, pls reach out. So he can keep my name out of his mouth. Not that I can't afford it but I want to make this a public fight.

After seeing this story, the Twitter users has been tweeting non stop about Amanda and Jub jub and many of them have been saying that jub-Jub needs to be sent back to prison. See how people reacted to this story below:


I think that Amanda might be lying because if they were dating, it means that they both agreed on sleeping together. I think that she's saying this because she didn't want anyone to know that she dated jub jub back in the days.

What's your view about this matter? Do you think it's better if jub-Jub goes back to jail? Don't forget to leave your thoughts in the comment section.


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