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Opinion - King Zwelithini was a responsible father.

When you go through the pages in this book you realize King Zwelithini was a responsible father who loved his children that he even Commissioned a book that documents who his children are and their mothers, and how he met their mothers.

Then you have Buthelezi, very reckless, and in fact, lying and saying all the things he is saying and calling Prince Simakade a bastard when the king was at pains as elucidated in the book, to explain how he met Simakades mother at a very young age, how he loved her and how he raised his son? He knows all the schools his children went to. The narration is well crafted, and the language of the father is breathtaking and emotive This is a book that we need to see which gives us a different perspective on the Zulu kingdom and I saw this in passing on comrade Lakela Kaunda's page. I am. Buying the book.

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