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Boity is Applauded for Protecting Lerato Kganyago - She has been getting Bullied for a while now

"Bonang Lite" has been a title Lerato Kganyago attempted to take off from yet that has been left with her all through her whole vocation. Musa Khawula isn't the main individual to diss Lerato Kganyago by saying she makes a good attempt to be Bonang Matheba. An old clasp of the late Kuli Roberts tossing significant shade at Lerato has turned into a web sensation.

What grabbed the eye of tweeps was the manner in which Boity Thulo protected Lerato in her nonattendance. The Ba Kae hitmaker's looks and non-verbal communication said a lot and you can see she was not dazzled with the manner in which Kuli was slighting Lerato.

At a supper table went to by any semblance of Bonang, Minnie Dlamini, Somizi, Tall As* Mo and a couple of others, Kuli debased Lerato and said she is happy she didn't join in.

Boity asked her what she implies by that, and Kuli answered by saying there would have been pressure assuming she would join in. Boity cussed at Kuli and asked her "What the F does that even mean?" It's so odd man - it's not even essential. It's so off the mark."

The other participants giggled while Boity was warmed up protecting Lerato from the domineering jerks.

She then took another poke and said Lerato makes a solid attempt to be Bonang, "You realize Lerato seems like Bonang when she presents."

A close-to-home Lerato Kganyago took to Instagram Live to vent out her disappointments. In the live, she even expressed gratitude toward Boity Thulo for protecting her and said she regards her for that.

The radio DJ uncovered Musa Khawula and his past supposed wrongdoings and, surprisingly, guaranteed he is the explanation she prematurely delivered.

"You going to accept a junkie and a PIG like him? Let him know how he has treated me throughout the long term. Horrendous blockhead made me free my youngster. I'm NOT DONE!" answered Lerato to a tweep.

Lerato even made a few revelations and, surprisingly, took out his police records of the relative multitude of supposed crimes he perpetrated.


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