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What Are Tito Mboweni's Recent tweets about

I am sorry if you are expecting this to be about his Lucky Star's Pilchards flavor or his garlic or tomatoes, those are really funny but seems like somebody has already went for it, I am not sure.Politics can be very confusing if you are not judgemental or discerning when it comes to the character of the individual in question. People prefer not to be judged on the past, but when it comes to politics that seems incorrect. Politicians have this tendency of being caught then ask for forgiveness and then turn around and do that exact thing only later on in life or choose a different lane to carry on their corruption activities. Tito Mboweni's seems to be onto something but he is not very directive or definitive. It is like he is trying to communicate to the public something about the current government and he is using coded language that perhaps he thinks we have knowledge of, but we don't. Check out these Tweets from his official account on Twitter:This picture above has real currency and I share similar views as old as it may be. Maybe there could be progress in our country. We are being led by old and greedy people who want everything for themselves and their are giving us left overs maybe if there could be some young blood real changes would begin to take place.

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Perhaps the Man cannot mention name because you know, snitches get stitches or worseend up in ditches.

You mess around you'll up dead on the news. They'll pop a cap on your A**'.

That sounds all and well but give us the names of the people who are responsible for that. South Africa is a beautiful country, we all agree right, the only thing that cripples our country are those in power. Thank You for clicking on my article, please like it, comment on it, share it and follow me cause I'll follow you back. Have a good one.

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