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SAD: Check Out SA Celebrities who died broke

Brenda Fassie

Brenda FassieBrenda Fassie Photo Credit (Instagram)

Who hasn't heard of the Afropop diva dubbed "Queen of African Pop"? Brenda Fassie's son was supposed to inherit a huge quantity of money when she died in 2004, but to everyone's astonishment, he was struggling. It's only natural that, as a heroin addict, she was broke at the time of her death. Her family eventually paid her the money she earned during her career after a lengthy legal struggle.

Lundi Tyamara

Lundi Tyamara Photo Credit (Instagram)Lundi Tyamara Photo Credit (Instagram)

Lundi, who died in January, was broke and homeless at the time of his death. The singer was evicted from the house he was renting by his landlord, and he sent a WhatsApp message imploring a friend for 950rand to rent storage space for his belongings. The musician, whose songs have sold millions of copies around the world, given new meaning to the phrase "famous but broke."

Pro Kid

Pro Kid Photo Credit (Facebook)Pro Kid Photo Credit (Facebook)

Linda Mkhize, the rapper's real name, died in the arms of his girlfriend Mandisa Mbanjwa. He had gastrointestinal bleeding due to a unique condition. Because he was so poor, the government assisted him with his burial arrangements.

Sol Phenduka, a radio personality, DJ, and music producer, had nothing but praise for Boity Thulo, a popular TV presenter and hip hop singer. After getting hurt in a brawl with radio personality Bujy Bikwa at the Courtyard Hotel in Midrand, Boity is making headlines.

Disagreements over Boity's attempt to predict Bujy's destiny sparked the fight. Bujy was enraged by the effort and spilled alcohol on her before beating her with a bottle, hurting her face and causing four cuts. Boity is a sangoma who has completed her training.

Mac G interviewed Sol Phenduka about the Boity-Bujy incident during Episode 290 of Podcast and Chill.

"It's a delicate subject that hits close to home." On the podcast network, you're familiar with Bujy and his family, and Boity has a special place in my heart," Sol remarked.

'Is she one of the celebs that reached out to aid you when you were down?" Mac G continued.

"When I was down and out, I went out to her, and she helped me," Sol explained.

“I remember my grandmother having just died, and I was a wreck at the time. Despite her past assistance, I was renting a small apartment in town and phoned her.”

Sol went on to say that Boity had aided him on several occasions.

"I told her I needed money for my grandmother's burial and she sent me R4,000." He said, "She will always have a special place in my heart."

"We have no idea what happened at the time of the occurrence."

After the battle, MacG recalls meeting Boity's manager.

"On Wednesday afternoon, I was with her manager. We were having lunch together and talking about something else, and I was completely unaware of the occurrence. We never brought it up, and when City Press circulated the article, I found out."

Sol believes that beating women is never a good idea.

"Boity is a powerful character who isn't afraid to say what she thinks. She doesn't back down. I'm hoping they can come to an agreement or settle it without going to court. Unfortunately, things turn physical; violence is never an option, whether it's between two men or two women. I have a tendency to overthink things, and I have no intention of hitting anyone. What if they have an underlying condition and I hit them in the incorrect place, killing them?" Sol inquired.

Bujy should have controlled his temper to protect himself, according to Ghost Lady, who entered the discourse.



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