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Pretty got arrested for a crime she did not commit. See what happened.

Today's episode of Skeen Saam left social media on fire. Everyone was not expecting everything that happened. On Friday Khwezi came back to the place she stays with her boyfriend Lehasa who was about to be her husband. She got furious when she found Lehasa with his ex girlfriend pretty having a romantic conversation. Things got out of hand when she asked what was going on , the disappointment in her eyes because she wanted to tell her fiance that she is expecting their baby.

She stapped Lehasa , pretty ran for her life. She went to hide in other room of the apartment. Khwezi called the police while she was plotting everything to look like pretty did it. When the police came , she told them that pretty did it.

Skeen Saam story line it is like a reality show , everything that is happening in the story ,also happens in real life. Pretty got arrested for a crime she did not commit.

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